MSINFO Zipper-

I have created this tool to help forum members who help other people regarding computer problems. The geek people must be well versed with the vast amount of information displayed by the MSINFO32.exe which is included in every Windows Operating System. This tool has been created with one goal in mind and that is one click run and making the process of generating the report and then zipping it up. The tool generates the ZIP file at the Desktop. This tool just needs to be run once to generate the ZIP File. No further interaction is required from the user making the process a lot easier and reducing the chance of error to almost 0.

If you want the user’s MSINFO32 report and don’t want him typing commands in the DOS console and then ZIP up the file use this tool.

In case of any problem, please do contact me!

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Change Log –

v1.0.0.0 :-

  • Initial release.