In case you are having Timeout Detection & Recovery problems in Windows or you are getting constant popups like the Display Driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered. If the operating system detects that six or more GPU hangs and subsequent recoveries occur within 1 minute, the operating system bug-checks (Blue Screens) the computer on the next GPU hang.

The first course of action in this case would be using the Display Driver Uninstaller from the below link :-

Once you have downloaded it, run it, uninstall the current driver set. Reboot.

After this, install the Display drivers (AMD/NVIDIA) from either the Driver Media which you got with your Graphics Card (Mostly Desktops) or from the Manufacturer’s Support Website(For Laptops. Here is OEM is the manufacturer of your Laptop). In case of laptops, it is suggested to install the drivers only from the Manufacturer as they tweak the drivers to work with the switching between the external Graphics Card and the Internal Graphics processor embedded onto the motherboard.

That should fix your problem.

In case the problem is still there then there is a registry tweak available. It is purely a WORKAROUND and not a proper solution to the problem. Basically, it will simply delay the Timeout. You can download the Registry Fix ( TDR Fix ) below –


Note :- Kindly note that modifying registry is a risky process and even a small change can make the PC unbootable. So, think twice before making any change to the Registry. (Thanks dc3)

The file has been scanned with VirusTotal . In case you are still having problems, please do not hesitate to contact me or post in the comments section.