I assembled a PC in January whose sole purpose was gaming. From Day 1, I had been noticing several freezes on the system. The system used to freeze for a second or so which also caused the mouse to lag behind.

Eventually I got used to it and ignored the problem. Recently, when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released, I thought of giving it a go since I really wanted to try out it's feature - Windows Subsystem for Linux.

This feature allows the user to run native Linux commands inside Windows. In other words, there is a Linux Subsystem which is isolated from Windows but can be run inside Windows without the hassles of setting up a Virtual Machine (Note that it is not a virtual machine) or a container.

Earlier I thought that the problem was being caused because of the extra MSI software installed on this system. But, I was wrong since the problem returned as soon as I started browsing the internet.

On looking around for a while and tinkering with Windows, I noticed that the only thing which was common before and after the clean install was that I had been using the internet by tethering my Android phone to this PC via USB.

Fingers crossed! I detach the phone and voila, the problem is gone. As soon as I plugged the device back in, the system started acting up. In my case, the driver that was being used was neither of these, but a special driver from Android SDK ADT bundle.

Fortunately, I found a very helpful post over Reddit. On installing the Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device driver and the problem vanished.