Love Fast Food? Sure you do!

This post deviates from the original theme of the blog but I thought that it would be nice to help people in telling them how they could love the fast food even more! I have been eating food at fast food joints for quite some time now (As many of you might know as well!). Over the years, I have collected some very useful tips which help me save quite a lot of money. Please do note that since I live in India, these tips are not guaranteed to work in other countries but you are more than welcome to give them a try.

  1. Always ask if your meal can be downsized to a small one. On many occasions it has happened with me that the cashier directly adds an up-scaled meal which is not what I had asked for.
  2. Ask the person who is preparing your order not to add any ice cubes in the drinks. The drinks are generally very cold even without the ice. This is because I have found that at many fast food joints, they tend to fill up almost half of the cup with ice cubes. So practically, you are getting less soft drink and more water.
  3. If you have ordered an ice-cream in a cone with a chocolate dip (McSwirl?), ask the person nicely if he/she could dip the ice-cream twice in the chocolate syrup.
  4. Have the power to refuse. Whenever the cashier says that you can get something by adding just a small amount, have the courage to refuse.
  5. Ask to remove the cheese slice which is put in many burgers. You can skip this one if you really, really love it though.

If you would also like to share some tips on how to get the best bang for your buck at the fast food joints, please feel free to write them in the comments section below.