BSOD Inspector

After a long time, the BSOD Inspector is finally out of BETA. I have tried my best to get the information quickly which is needed to debug Blue Screen Of Death problems.

I would like to thank specially to [John Carrona (Microsoft MVP)]( D. Carrona-33494) for helping me while developing this.
Thanks a lot for your support and guidance ^_^.


Latest Version : 1.0.5

Note 1:
In case you get a warning that the tool is malicious, please note that it is a false positive.

Note 2:
The app will open a text window after it finishes, that will contain the name and location of the file (by default, on your Desktop). Please upload that with your next post.

VirusTotal Scan Link –

Right now, this tool also embeds a message which is like a “fact”. In the coming future, I am planning on doing this with other tools as well so that the users get to know something.

Feel free to use it ^_^