In this post, I would be showing how to connect to a website using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to access/modify the files without using any kind of software on Windows Operating System(Tested this on Windows 8.1).

For demonstration, I have quickly created a Website on Microsoft Azure and the URL to access the website’s file system using FTP can be found under Website->Dashboard. You can use any other host as well to create a website. Generally for other hosts, you would get the FTP URL on the Email ID with which you have registered with the host.

[![How to access Website using FTP in Windows](]( Details in Microsoft Azure
Now, once you get a hold of the FTP URL, open up Windows Explorer by pressing (Windows Button + E) combination on the keyboard. A window similar to the below window would open up –
[![How to access Website using FTP in Windows](]( Explorer opened by pressing (Windows+E) or typing in Explorer in Start Menu
Now, on the Address Bar (Highlighted in RED) either click on the empty space or Right Click on Address Bar and then click on Edit Address –


[![How to access Website using FTP in Windows](]( Login Screen :O
After clicking the Edit Address, the Address Bar will turn into editable text. Paste your FTP URL here and press Enter. If the URL is working, you will get the login screen like below (If Authentication is Enabled) –

Once you enter the correct credentials, you will be able to access the website’s file system and modify the files as per your wish. You won’t be able to edit the files directly from here but you can always copy/paste from other directories here.

In case of any doubts, feel free to comment below or contact me via Twitter –