I must admit that I am in love with Spotify. After being accustomed to using it since an year now, I am extremely happy with it’s interface and the collection of songs. There have been no bugs till now with Spotify which I experienced. But, well every application has some exceptions which are not handled and result in an error thrown out.

[![Loading...](http://i1.wp.com/omgdebuggingblog.cloudapp.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Error-Screen.png?resize=730%2C387)](http://i1.wp.com/omgdebuggingblog.cloudapp.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Error-Screen.png)There was a problem with the Sound Decoder. Spotify cannot play this track.
Above is the screenshot of the error which started appearing when trying to play Local Tracks stored on my system. After this I checked every setting of Spotify but everything was correct. On failing to play the local track, I re-installed the Spotify client but the problem was still not solved. So, finally I came to the conclusion that something is wrong with my System.

For like 2 days I kept on trying to perform the tweaks suggested in various online forums but it did not work. Finally, I contacted Spotify Support on Twitter which I must admit are a bunch of AWESOME people who are able to resolve the problem. I will get straight to the point now. After some initial diagnostics asked by the Spotify Support, they asked me to download Fraunhofer MP3 Audio Decoder. On installing the Codec pack, the local tracks started playing again. So, once again a HUGE THANKS to Spotify Support for being awesome & solving the problem.

The Codec Pack can be downloaded from this LINK.

EDIT :- Thanks to tw_mama for providing further information on making the Spotify work after following this Fix. Kindly download the batch file over here and run it –


(P.S. that my issue was on Windows Platform)

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