I am listing below some of my favorite / friend websites which I visit like tons of times daily in order to learn more and more ^_^

  • The Tutorial Index Of Eight Forums Is Extremely Good & Well Written. Found over HERE.
  • Anyone wants to start Debugging? Start with HERE. Sysnative has provided me with everything needed to start with Debugging!
  • Started debugging and don’t know a driver? Start over HERE. I use the John Carrona’s (MVP) Driver Reference Table to search for the drivers and also there is lots of other information as well regarding the Diagnostics and other Guides.
  • Patrick’s Blog. Patrick is an MVP and an expert in Kernel Dump Analysis. He writes valuable posts regarding debugging as he loves to teach people. His blog can be found over HERE.
  • Harry’s Blog. Harry is a Reverse Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science and Debugging. Aspiring Graph Theorist and Combinatorialist. General Science Enthusiast. Student. His blog teaches Debugging as well and other things like Discrete Maths. His blog can be found over HERE.
  • Jared’s Blog. According to his Biography at Sysnative, he is Windows Kernel debugger who has a big interest in Windows Internals. Jared’s Blog can be found over HERE.
  • Think there is Malware on your system? Visit BleepingComputer which according to me is the best forum for helping users in removing Malware. Their guides are also very well written and in depth.
  • Security Garden. Really? Oh yes, I visit it frequently to get my fair share of updates regarding Security. You can visit it HERE.